Colts Kickers

Street 2 Pro’s Colts Kickers was set up in partnership with Aston Clinton Colts to offer an introduction to football for 3-5 year olds S2P use a chaos theory style where the children lead the session. Each child will have a ball for 90% of the session before we finish with a mini game.

There are no line, ques or waiting around to take you turn. The sessions are set up so there is always something for the child to do and they can push themselves or remain in a comfort zone as much as they require. S2P understand that 1 size doesn’t fit all with sports development so we make it our mission to understand each child individually.

Our Colts kickers program is the very beginning of our players journey and they can then move onto our grassroots and development pathway from 6 years old.

To Book please use the link below.


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